What Does Window Installation Include?

A: So, generally when the team is installing the windows, when they extract the old window and put the new one in, we use a slow expanding spray foam fill. It’s called polyurethane foam fill and they use it to insert around the edges of the frame. It takes about 45 minutes to fully expand […]

What Questions Should I Ask My Window Installer?

A: Generally, the greatest questions you want to ask is, “Hey, how do I operate my windows?” “How do I clean my windows?” “What maintenance is required for me to maintain the windows?” You know, questions like that— how to operate, what do they do, stuff like that. They’ll be more than happy to answer […]

Can I Add A Window To My House?

Window Company Near Me

  A: Most definitely, you can add windows pretty much anywhere that you want to put them in the house. It just depends on what siding, masonry work, or stucco that’s on the exterior. Generally, if it’s just wood siding, it makes it a lot easier to add windows. But, we can do pretty much […]

Beat The Summer Heat with Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

  Summer is officially here in San Antonio with temperatures soaring beyond 100°F – it’s not just the heat you have to be concerned about but also your energy bill! Without energy efficient windows to protect your home the heat from the sun radiates through your windows warming the temperature inside – forcing you to […]